International Book Giving Day (IBGD) 2016 – the logo reveal!

International Book Giving Day (IBGD) takes place on Sunday February 14th. It’s one of Story Snug’s favourite days of the year and we are delighted to be part of this year’s Book Giving Day team which is made up of book loving volunteers from around the world. One of our first tasks is to reveal the 2016 International Book Giving Day logo designed by Ben Newman, who illustrated Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space.

International Book Giving Day Poster 2016 - Story SnugWhat is International Book Giving Day?

On International Book Giving Day you are encouraged to give a book to a child. Many children don’t own or have access to books and International Book Giving Day aims to ensure that children all over the world will receive books. International Book Giving Day is also a great day to promote enthusiasm and excitement about books as well as to encourage more children to read.

Do I have to give new books?

Books don’t have to be new but should be in good condition. They can be used books that your family have outgrown or unwanted gifts. In previous years we have sent books to The Rainbow Library, (they were a mix of new and good quality books that we bought in charity shops which meant that the charities also benefited). We’ve also given new books to family and friends as well as good quality books that we no longer read. We’ve tidied our bookshelves since receiving new books for Christmas and have found books that we don’t read any more and can donate on February 14th. This year we are looking at ways that we can donate books to charities and churches that are working with child refugees.

How can I get involved in International Book Giving Day?

  • Give a book to a child – a family member, a neighbour or a friend.
  • Donate books to your local children’s hospital or give them to doctors or dentists to use in their waiting rooms.
  • Leave books on the seats of buses or trains leave them on park benches with a message or one of the International Book giving day bookplates inside.
  • Donate books to schools, nurseries, preschools, childminders or libraries.
  • Hold a book swapping morning in which you invite guests to bring a child’s book to give to the child of another guest.
  • Hold a picture book party. Invite guests to bring a picture book to give to a young guest as well as a picture book themed snack so that everyone can enjoy a picture book picnic.
  • Arrange to give / swap a book with a parent, grandparent, godparent or teacher that you have connected with on social media but not met.
  • Support children’s book related charities (there is a list here).
  • Donate books to charities working with child refugees.
  • Read Playing by the book’s blogpost to find out how you can donate books for Sara Stanley to use with children in a Dunkirk refugee camp.
  • Use the hashtag #bookgivingday to promote the day on social media.
  • Share this and any other International Book Giving Day blogposts wherever you can.
  • Blog about International Book Giving Day.
  • Follow International Book Giving Day on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Display the International Book Giving Day logo on your blog or website.
  • Print out the poster to spread the word about International Book Giving Day.

You can read more about International Book Giving Day 2016 and keep up with all the news and events on the website.

Did you take part in International Book Giving Day last year? We’d love to hear how you celebrated. How will you celebrate this year?

22 thoughts on “International Book Giving Day (IBGD) 2016 – the logo reveal!

  1. Thank you for this informative post! Yes, I will definitely be participating in International Book Giving Day…I’ll be hosting the incredible picture book author, Dianna Aston (An Egg is Quiet, A Nest is Noisy, A Butterfly is Patient) on my blog series, Will Write for Cookies. There will be prizes and book giveaways and an amazing cookie recipe that she will share with us.

  2. Thanks for posting Catherine! I did not know about this and now plan to do a big schoolwide event bringing in donations for refugees. I am excited!

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas! We will be blogging about International Book Giving Day in the near future too! Also, just wanted to say that I love your blog Catherine! It’s marvelous! #readwithme

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