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Aaaarrgghh Spider! by Lydia Monks

Aaaarrgghh Spider! is one of our favourite, favourite picture books, our copy was so well read that it fell to pieces! Spider is such an endearing character that even for those of us you who don’t like spiders it is easy to empathise with and understand her wish to become part of a family.

The Story: Spider’s greatest wish is to be one of the family’s pets but all she manages to do is scare them. The family members change their minds when they see her wonderful webs and Spider becomes their pet. But then she brings her friends home…

Spider tells her story in just over 200 words. She is a very determined little character who does her best to win the family’s affections by showing them what she can do in comparison to their other pets. However, despite her best efforts, including dancing, the family are not impressed until they see the beautiful webs that she has spun in their garden.

This very familiar situation is given a humorous twist through its easy to read text and repetitive refrain ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!’. We love Lydia Monk’s brightly coloured illustrations and find the expressions of shock on the parents’ and children’s faces particularly amusing! My daughter loves the pictures of Spider out and about with the family, especially when she is on a lead like the dog. My favourite illustration is the final spread but I won’t tell you any more or I’ll spoil the ending!

Aaaarrgghh Spider! is a fun story to include in a classroom topic on minibeasts. It can be used to stimulate discussion about spiders, what they eat and how they spin their webs. I have also used the story as an introduction to creative writing about pets and the kind of pet a child might like, the story encourages children to think about what a pet would need in terms of equipment, food and care.

A small sized copy of Aaaarrgghh Spider! now comes in a boxed set with a soft spider toy. The book is the perfect size for a beginner reader, it’s almost the same size as a chapter book which gives great encouragement to a child who is just learning to read using a ‘grown up size book’!

Whether you love spiders or are terrified of them we are sure that you will appreciate the humour in this cleverly written story.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Lydia Monks

Thank you to Egmont for sending is the Aaaarrgghh Spider! gift set. We’re so happy to have the book on our bookshelf again!

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14 responses to “Aaaarrgghh Spider! by Lydia Monks”

  1. Colette B avatar

    This isn’t a story I’ve heard of but I do love Lydia Monks so I shall have to seek it out!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      We love Lydia’s illustrations, this is a great story too 🙂

  2. Angela at Daysinbed avatar

    ooh this sounds fab! I’ve not come across your blog before so nice to meet you. I love books with soft toys or things that come with it to make it a little more exciting. Thanks for sharing this review. I’ve love you to link this up to my monthly linky #KLTR Kids love to read as this is a lovely book review.

    Angela from Daysinbed

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you for visiting Angela 🙂 I’ll pop by and check out your linky.

  3. Lukeosaurus And Me avatar

    This sounds like fun – minibeasts are awesome and i’m all for any book that encourages children to explore and not be scared of them! Ray xx #triedtested

    1. Catherine avatar

      This story shows spiders as having feelings too 🙂

  4. Shahnaz avatar

    I love this book, I used to look after a boy and this was our daily read. #TriedTested

    1. Catherine avatar

      This is a story that I never tire of reading 🙂

  5. Kim Carberry avatar

    What a great sounding book….I much prefer cute books about spiders than the factual one’s. hehehe

    1. Catherine avatar

      This is a very cute spider 🙂

  6. Coombe Mill - Fiona avatar

    Mini beasts are nothing to be afraid of and a book that encourages this must be good #TriedTested

    1. Catherine avatar

      Spider is very cute and not scary at all. As you say this is a great book for showing that mini beasts have feelings too 🙂

  7. Nicola avatar

    This sounds great! I will have to get my hands on a copy!

    1. Catherine avatar

      I love this book, so simple but so clever 🙂