Dec 12th: Caryl Hart chooses The Christmas Bear

The Story: This is the adorable story of a little polar bear who falls down a snowy hole, down down down into Father Christmas’s workshop. Father Christmas welcomes him with open arms and shows him around. Little Bear even gets to test the toys and has a ride on Father Christmas’s sleigh.

Why is this your favourite Christmas book?

The illustrations in this book are simply magical. They are full of warmth and so much detail I spent many happy hours pouring over them with my children when they were younger. The story too is full of love, and includes lots of surprises. Paul and Henrietta Stickland have created a perfect, beautifully detailed interpretation of Father Christmas’s world, including such wonders as the elves’ washing, a Christmas feast of fish and ice cream, the real North Pole and, of course, dozens and dozens of presents!

Can you describe a favourite illustration or give a favourite quote from the story and tell us why you chose it?

My favourite illustration is a double page spread of the toy store-room. It depicts shelves and shelves bursting with a boggling array of animals, books, trucks, space ships, castles, dolls houses, balloons, rockets, bears and so much more. It’s simply wonderful and the exact way you’d like to imagine Father Christmas’s Workshop.

My favourite line is on a page where Little Bear is testing all the toys:

“Testing, testing!” said Little Bear as he squeezed a teddy’s tummy.
“Grrr!” growled the teddy.
“You’ll do,” said Little Bear.

Author: Henrietta Stickland / Illustrator: Paul Stickland

About Caryl

Caryl Hart - Story SnugI write picture books and young fiction and run creative literacy workshops in schools and libraries. I live on a windy hill in the Peak District where I love cafe walks, open fires and snuggling. My favourite places are the Hide and Seek Field because you can lie down in the long grass and nobody can see you; and the library, because it’s warm and full of books.

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Which book is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

I have so many books on my Christmas wish list! Here are a few of them:

Have You Seen my Dragon? – Steve Light

This Book Just Ate my Dog – Richard Byrne

Oi Frog! – Kes Gray & Jim Field

Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig

An Island of Our Own – Sally Nicholls

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