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Dec 24th: Emma Perry chooses Refuge

The Story: Refuge by Anne Booth and Sam Usher – a retelling of the Christmas story, with an important new angle.

Why is Refuge your favourite Christmas book?

This is a truly touching story, written in a manner which highlights the refugee crisis. Describing the Christmas story using the simple terms of a ‘man’, a ‘woman’ and ‘child’ Anne Booth encourages the readers to empathise with the refugees today. Anne Booth’s words together with Sam Usher’s delicate illustrations have made this a really touching read for me. So powerful. In addition to raising questions, the book also raises money with £5 from the sale of each book going directly to WarChildUK.

Can you describe a favourite illustration or give a favourite quote from the story and tell us why you chose it.

Absolutely. My favourite part of the illustrations is the splash of warm orange Sam Usher uses when the family finally find kindness and shelter, so moving. Anne Booth’s description of the newborn baby really resonated with me ‘his sweet baby breath,’ ‘he sleepily nuzzled her neck’ … sigh!!

Author: Anne Booth / Illustrator: Sam Usher

About Emma

Emmy Perry - Book Giving Day - Story Snug

Emma Perry now lives in Bath, UK having spent a lovely 5 years in Melbourne, Australia. She’s a writer, reviewer, founder of My Book Corner and organiser of International Book Giving Day. She studied English Literature at Kent University and teaches at Primary Schools in her spare time.

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Which book is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

I’m keen to snaffle a copy of Imaginary Fred by Erin Coifer and Oliver Jeffers. Have you seen the cover? It looks just beautiful.

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  1. Catherine avatar

    Thank you so much for choosing Refuge as the final book on our Story Snug Advent Calendar Emma, it’s a fabulous retelling of the Christmas story.