Dec 15th: Jo Clarke chooses Jesus’ Christmas Party

The Story: This is a hilarious retelling of the Nativity story told from the point of view of the Innkeeper. There was nothing the innkeeper liked more than a good night’s sleep but he keeps getting disturbed by constant knocks on the door. From shepherds, to kings, bright stars and angels a very special baby is getting a lot of visitors and the innkeeper is getting crosser and crosser. But when the innkeeper peers into the manger and sees the baby his anger flies away and he invites all of his guests to rejoices at the birth of Jesus.Why is this your favourite Christmas book?I love this book because it is a traditional nativity story but is also very funny. It is perfect for reading aloud with young children they love knocking on the door and guessing who is coming next. When you’re sharing a story it’s brilliant when children can join in with the storytelling so they can join in with the innkeeper shouting ‘Round the back’ to all the visitors. This story has been adapted into a musical nativity show and it was the first nativity show that both my girls appeared in and therefore is hugely sentimental for me.Can you describe a favourite illustration or give a favourite quote from the story and tell us why you chose it?My favourite quote is on the same page as my favourite illustration ‘So no one got much sleep that night’ which shows everyone surrounding the manger singing and dancing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, joy and happiness shines out from this glorious page.Author / Illustrator: Nicholas AllanAbout JoBooklover Jo - Story SnugBook Lover Jo is a School and Children’s Librarian, blogger, mum to 2 bookworms, on a mission to promote reading for pleasure.Jo’s Blog / Twitter / Facebook  Which book is on your Christmas wishlist this year?A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig & Chris MouldStory Snug’s 2015 Advent Calendar on Pinterest

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    Thank you for recommending this wonderful book Jo, it’s a fantastically funny version of the Nativity story. I’m hoping to find A Boy Called Christmas under our tree too 🙂

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