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Dec 4th: David Cadji-Newby chooses Father Christmas Needs A Wee

The Story: In Father Christmas Needs a Wee Father Christmas is busily flying around the world, delivering gifts. At every stop off, he’s given some form of liquid (non-alcoholic) refreshment – with the inevitable consequence that, fairly soon, he’s desperate to use the loo. We’ve all been there.

Why is Father Christmas Needs a Wee your favourite Christmas book?

Because of my memories of reading it to my son, and the fun we had. There’s a steady racheting up of urgency, as Santa’s need to wee builds. Even at the end, he can’t find his key to get inside… Can he hold it in? Can he? I won’t ruin the ending.

Can you describe a favourite illustration or give a favourite quote from Father Christmas Needs a Wee and tell us why you chose it?

‘And there’s the loo… he shuts the door… “Oh Happy Christmas!” we hear him roar.’ Oh. I just ruined the ending.

Author / Illustrator: Nicholas Allan

About David

David Cadji-Newby is a British writer who lives in London. He has written in the big scary world of advertising and in the happy fluffy world of comedy, for shows like Allan Carr’s Chatty Man and the Armstrong and Miller Show. “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name / The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” was his first book for children.

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David’s Books

The Little Boy / Girl Who Lost His/Her Name

The Little Boy / Girl who lost his / her name - Story Snug

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

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Which book is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

The new Oliver Jeffers book, ‘Imaginary Fred.’ Always look forward to a new book from him.

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3 responses to “Dec 4th: David Cadji-Newby chooses Father Christmas Needs A Wee”

  1. ReadItDaddy avatar

    I can’t believe that we still haven’t managed to get round to reading this. We love Nicholas Allan’s cheeky books and this sounds hilarious!

    Really enjoying the christmas book recommendations in this list, some absolute corkers here.

    1. Catherine avatar

      We haven’t read this one either, it does sound very funny and it’s a familiar situation to us all!

      There are some fab choices already and we have 20 more great choices to come 🙂

  2. Catherine avatar

    Thank you for joining us on Story Snug’s Advent Calendar David. We love your choice of book, toilet humour always appeals to children!