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World Egg Day – picture books about eggs

Did you know that today is World Egg Day? World Egg Day is celebrated on the second Friday of October every year and was established to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs.

There are lots of picture books about eggs which are great for raising children’s awareness about eggs hatching and what kind of creatures come out of an egg. However, many picture book stories about eggs also include a twist, sometimes what comes out of an egg in a story isn’t what we’re expecting!!

We’ve chosen some of our favourite picture books about eggs to read on World Egg Day.

Meg’s Eggs by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

Meg’s spell to make eggs for supper goes slightly wrong. The eggs are too big and hard for Meg to crack but one by one they hatch…

Meg's Eggs - Story Snug

The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett

We read The Odd Egg after Maria Bogade recommended it in a guest post. When Duck finds a huge egg everybody wonders what will hatch out of it!

The Odd Egg - Story Snug

Yuck! That’s Not a monster! by Angela McAllister & Alison Edgson

Mr and Mrs Monster are delighted when ‘Frightful’ and ‘Horrid’ monsters hatch out of their first two eggs. They’re not so impressed with the third monster. Can ‘Little Shock’ convince them that pink, fluffy monsters also have their uses?

Yuck! That's Not a Monster!: - Story Snug

Rabbits Don’t Lay Eggs! by Paula Metcalf & Cally Johnson-Isaacs

It’s true that rabbits don’t lay eggs but can Rupert convince Duck that he can lay something else?

Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs! - Story Snug

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Merino

We thought that all crocodiles liked water but maybe one of the eggs in the nest at the beginning of this story belongs to somebody else?

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water - Story Snug

The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing and Kathy Couri

We couldn’t do a post about eggs without including one of our favourite Easter picture books which is full of brightly coloured Easter eggs.

The Night Before Easter - Story Snug

EGG by Jonathan Litton and Fhiona Galloway

A board book about an Easter Egg hunt for the littlest people to enjoy.

Egg - Story Snug

Do you have a favourite picture book about eggs to add to our list?

Thank you Eric Schonblom for suggesting another great book, we almost know this one off by heart! – Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss

Thank you to author Rita Antoinette Borg for suggesting Meg the Egg

What will you be reading on World Egg Day?

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16 responses to “World Egg Day – picture books about eggs”

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises avatar

    I didn’t realise it was world egg day yesterday! I love Meg and Mog – it is still one of my favourites 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. Catherine avatar

      I read about World Egg Day on a food blog I follow. I remember reading Meg’s Eggs as a child – it’s certainly stood the test of time 🙂

  2. Lukeosaurus And Me avatar

    I didn’t know World Egg Day was a thing! I like Meg’s Eggs, it’s a classic! Ray xx #pocolo

    1. Catherine avatar

      I hadn’t heard about World Egg Day either, there seems to be a world celebration of everything these days!

  3. Rita Antoinette Borg avatar

    My own book MEG THE EGG is a picture book about a scared little egg who doesn’t want to hatch because of the scary noises outside her shell. See it on Amazon it has 9 reviews.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thanks Rita, I’ve added Meg the Egg to my list 🙂

  4. Sue @ Kid Lit reviews avatar

    I had no idea there was a World Egg Day. It would be a good day to take out the green eggs and ham. Interesting post.

    1. Catherine avatar

      I didn’t know about World Egg Day either. I also didn’t realise how many picture books about eggs we have on our bookcase. My favourite egg book, Pig’s Egg by Katherine Sully and Sam Chaffey, is sadly out of print 🙁

  5. Eric Schonblom avatar

    Where is Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)? I grew up with “Horton Hatches the Egg”, but my favorite is “Scrambled Eggs Super.” Of course, everyone knows “Green Eggs and Ham”.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you for the suggestions Eric! Green Eggs and Ham is a big favourite here – will add it to the list 🙂

  6. Baby Isabella avatar

    We have Meg’s Eggs as well! We’re looking forward to getting all the Halloween and witch inspired books out for Halloween – Room on the Broom is another classic! Popping over from #PoCoLo x

    1. Catherine avatar

      I think Meg’s Eggs is my favourite of the Meg books that I have read. Winnie the Witch is my favourite picture book witch 🙂

  7. Barbara Ann Mojica avatar

    Wow! I have never seen any of these here in the US. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Catherine avatar

      I’ve just added Green Eggs and Ham. I’m sure you know that one 🙂

  8. Mummy Fever avatar

    I had no idea – we have megs eggs though! #pocolo

    1. Catherine avatar

      Meg’s Eggs is a classic 🙂