Happy 3rd Birthday Story Snug

Happy 3rd Birthday to Story Snug

Story Snug is 3 years old today!

When I started blogging I had no idea what a big part of my life Story Snug would become but I soon discovered that blogging is a lot of fun. We have read so many wonderful books over the last three years and I have chatted with lots of lovely authors, illustrators and publishers on social media. Reading so many picture books has also helped me with my own picture book writing.

There are so many people that I would like to thank for supporting Story Snug 🙂

The biggest THANK YOUs go to my husband, Story Snug’s technical support, and our daughter, who is now very actively involved in suggesting books and activities for the blog.

A huge THANK YOU to all of Story Snug’s followers and to all of you who leave such lovely comments on the blogposts. Your visits and comments are very much appreciated.

THANK YOU to those of you who follow Story Snug on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Bloglovin’ and share the blogposts on social media.

THANK YOU to all the authors and illustrators who have written guest posts for Story Snug and very generously provided copies of your books for us to give away. We love having visitors on Story Snug so if any authors or illustrators reading this would like to write a post recommending a favourite picture book or early chapter book please do get in touch using the contact icon on the right.

THANK YOU to all the authors and illustrators who have answered our interview questions and given us an fantastic insight into your work and creative processes.

THANK YOU to all the publishers who send us fantastic books to read and recommend.

THANK YOU to my SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) friends who inspired me to create Story Snug and who continue to support me with my picture book writing. Thank you also to SCBWI friends worldwide who have critiqued my picture book manuscripts.

THANK YOU to the blogging community for welcoming Story Snug, especially to our special book blogging friends who are listed on the blogroll.

The 5 most viewed blogposts on Story Snug over the last three years

Interestingly the most viewed blogposts are all picture books by author / illustrators and include books which I have used regularly in the classroom to support children’s learning.

Number 5

On the Way Home by Jill Murphy.

A lovely story for celebrating the power of a child’s imagination.

Number 4

Kipper’s Birthday by Mick Inkpen.

A great story for helping children to understand the preparations that are made for a birthday party.

Number 3

Jasper’s Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth.

A fantastic story to read in the spring to explain the process of planting and growing.

Number 2

Learning with Eric Carle & The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

An extremely well known story which has been translated into many different languages. This post includes activities and crafts inspired by several Eric Carle books.


Learning with Elmer by David McKee.

A great story for showing children that it’s fine to be different to your friends. This post includes some of our favourite Elmer inspired crafts and activities.

Story Snug will continue to evolve and change with our family’s reading tastes. We have really enjoyed reading classic children’s fiction for the 2015 Classics Challenge and still have lots of fun with our book inspired crafts and activities. As a teacher I am drawn to books that instigate and support learning so where possible I will continue to suggest activities that will support and extend a child’s enjoyment of a book.

Thank you for visiting and happy reading 🙂

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8 responses to “Happy 3rd Birthday to Story Snug”

  1. Stacie @ BeachBoundBooks avatar

    YAY!! Wishing Story Snug a very happy birthday!!

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you Stacie 🙂

  2. Renee MDBR avatar

    Congratulations on three years Catherine! You and I have been in the blogging trenches together for some time now! 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      The three years have flown by 🙂

  3. Rebecca C avatar

    Happy Birthday to Story Snug! And thank YOU for putting together such an awesome and useful website!

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you Rebecca and thank you for being a guest on Story Snug. We love having visitors 🙂

  4. Barbara Ann Mojica avatar

    Happy Third Birthday! Thanks for sharing….wishing you many more years of successful blogging.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thanks Barbara and a big thank you for sharing so many of Story Snug’s posts 🙂