Tree by Patricia Hegarty & Britta Teckentrup

Tree is a beautifully illustrated, peek-through, rhyming story that shows the changes that take place during each different season. It’s a great book to read throughout the year but particularly good for autumn when children are often more aware of leaves changing colour and falling off the trees.

The Story: An owl sits in the trunk of a bare tree covered with snow. He observes the changes throughout the seasons and the reader is introduced to a variety of animals. The book goes full circle, even the owl disappears before spring comes again and all the animals come out to play.

Tree - Story SnugBritta Teckentrup’s stunning illustrations complement Patricia Hegarty’s easy to read rhyming text. You can peek through the hole in the sturdy cover to see the owl sitting in the tree, the owl can be seen through a hole in the trunk throughout most of the story. More holes show animals, insects and birds playing in or sitting in the tree. The changing tree is the focus of every page, there are two lines of text underneath and animals, including foxes, squirrels and bears, appear according to the season. The illustrations are awesome and full of detail, my favourite spread shows the tree against a midsummer night’s sky and my daughter loves watching the little spider build his web on the trunk, it gets bigger throughout the book.

Tree inspired us to talk about how trees look different during the different seasons and we created our own four seasons tree. We traced the tree in the book and cut four templates out of thick brown cardboard. Then we scored them down the middle so that we could fold them. We stuck cotton wool and glitter on our winter tree, fingerprinted blossom onto our spring tree, stuck torn up tissue paper and made apples for our summer tree and cut out autumn coloured leaf shapes from magazines for our autumn tree.

Tree Seasons Story Snug

Then we folded the four trees and stuck them together.

Four seasons tree Story Snug

Tree would be a lovely book to include in a classroom topic on Time and The Seasons, a general topic about Nature or a more specific topic on Trees. Children could have fun trying to recreate the pictures and design their own four seasons trees.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Patricia Hegarty / Illustrator: Britta Teckentrup

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a review copy of this beautiful, beautiful book which would make a great addition to a Key Stage One classroom or a home bookshelf.

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  1. Hi, your activity is so beautiful and easy to do. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a nice comment. I appreciate your support. I love this book too. I am starting to think about what to buy my grands for Christmas. They have lots of toys; so, I am going to buy books.

    • Thank you for visiting Story Snug too 🙂 I almost always give books to children as presents these days, there are so many great children’s books to choose from.

  2. This does sound a beautiful book – I love the idea of the owl looking out throught the hole in the tree – and your artwork is splendid! Thank you for adding Tree to my book list at MWD.

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