Miffy’s Birthday by Dick Bruna

Happy Birthday Miffy! Miffy the rabbit is celebrating her 60th birthday today and Miffy’s Birthday, which was first published in 1970, has been republished in celebration.

Miffy's birthday - Story SnugThe Story: Miffy gets up, has a wash and puts on a pretty dress. She opens birthday presents from Mum and Dad and spends the afternoon playing with her friends Ag and Win. Grandma and Grandpa visit, bring her a present and stay for dinner. Miffy goes to bed a happy bunny.

I often borrowed Miffy books from the library when I was a child and she’s one of the characters I wanted to introduce to my daughter. The story of Miffy’s birthday follows a familiar pattern to many small children’s birthdays. She opens her presents which, although the story was first written so long ago, are still relevant today and then she plays with her friends. Grandma and Grandpa come to dinner and Miffy takes one of her birthday presents to bed.

As a child I was attracted to the bold, bright colours and the simplicity of the illustrations, Miffy is a very easy character to draw even if you are not an artist. In this new version of Miffy’s Birthday, Dick Bruna’s easy to read, bouncy, rhyming text has been rewritten by Tony Mitton, author of The Amazing Machines series. Miffy’s Birthday, with its familiar birthday situations, is a lovely book to introduce children to Miffy, her family and her friends. The only thing missing from the story, according to my daughter, is a birthday cake!

Miffy’s online shop stocks a range of merchandise and she also has her own website with fun activities and games as well as information about her books and history.

Do you have a favourite Miffy story?

Age Range: 2 +

Author / Illustrator: Dick Bruna / Text rewritten by Tony Mitton (from the original translation by Patricia Crampton)

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  1. I’ve never really read Miffy before until a few weeks ago we found a brand new copy of miffy at the gallery for 25p in a charity shop. D loves it and it’s read lots. I was lucky enough to win the miffy twitter pass the parcel and won the big prize on Friday! I’m now on the hunt for more Miffy books x

  2. I have brought my son a few Miffy books and he loves the colours. I can’t believe Miffy has been around for 60 years!
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