World Penguin Day - Story Snug

It’s World Penguin Day!

Penguins are one of our favourite animals and we always make sure that we visit them when we go to the zoo. As it’s World Penguin Day we decided to look for penguins on our bookshelf and we found that we had more than we realised!

Penguin by Polly Dunbar: Despite Ben’s bad behaviour and his attempt to send Penguin into space we love the way that Penguin rescues him from a lion!

Penguin - Story Snug

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers: We love the way that this simple story of friendship has a happy ending for a lonely penguin.

Lost and Found - Story Snug

Cuddly Dudley
by Jez Alborough:
Cuddly Dudley’s attempts to escape from his many brothers and sisters make us laugh and we love the picture of him wearing a Hawaiian shirt!

Cuddly Dudley - Story Snug

A Sick Day For Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead and Erin Stead: We love the illustration where Amos and the shy penguin sit quietly together, the angles of their feet are exactly the same!

A Sick Day for Amos McGee - Story Snug

Penguin in Love by Salina Yoon: It’s so romantic how knitting can lead to two penguins falling in love!

Penguin in Love - Story Snug

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester and Lynn M. Munsinger: Tacky is unique but it is his very uniqueness that saves him and his friends when the hunters arrive.

Tacky the Penguin - Story Snug

Blown Away by Rob Biddulph: Kite flying leads Penguin Blue and his friends into an amazing adventure.

Blown Away - Story Snug

Sunk by Rob Biddulph: Penguin Blue returns in a swashbuckling pirate adventure.

Sunk! - Story Snug

Do you have a favourite picture book penguin to add to our World Penguin Day list?

World Penguin Day - Story Snug

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6 responses to “It’s World Penguin Day!”

  1. Helena @ babyfoote avatar

    How many years has world penguin day been running for, I wonder? Penguins were hard to avoid this past winter.
    We like Lost and Found – there’s a great dress up area in Seven Stories of the book.

    1. Catherine avatar

      I don’t know how long World Penguin Day has been running! I really want to visit Seven Stories, I’ll look out for the dress up area 🙂

  2. Emily avatar

    Love this selection! We love penguins xx

    1. Catherine avatar

      It seems that a lot of people like penguins, there are lots of books about them 🙂

  3. chantelle hazelden avatar

    I didn’t know about world penguin day!! Lost and Found has to be my favourite out of the books you’ve mentioned. thanks for sharing with #readwithme x

    1. Catherine avatar

      I love the way that the boy still manages to understand the penguin even though he doesn’t speak 🙂