The Teddy Robinson Storybook by Joan G. Robinson

The Teddy Robinson stories are childhood favourites of mine and I still have my old, battered copy of More About Teddy Robinson with its curled up, brown pages and the illustrations that I coloured as a child. I was delighted to discover that the stories have been reprinted in a new collection and we gave our daughter her own copy on International Book Giving Day.

The Teddy Robinson Storybook - Story SnugThe stories are based on the adventures of Joan G. Robinson’s daughter’s bear. In this new edition Deborah Sheppard, Joan’s daughter, explains how she received Teddy Robinson when she was six, how Mummy made him a pair of trousers and how he accompanied her everywhere.

Teddy Robinson belongs to Deborah and although Mummy and Daddy appear in the story they are very much in the background. In several stories Deborah and Teddy Robinson are joined by cousin Philip and Deborah’s friends Andrew and Mary-Anne who bring their own friends with them. Andrew’s toy dog Spotty makes us laugh when he makes rude remarks throughout Teddy Robinson’s concert while Mary Anne’s doll, Jacqueline, plays Sleeping Beauty to ‘prince’ Teddy Robinson and is also a guest at his birthday party.

Teddy Robinson has a big personality and throughout the stories he displays a wide range of emotions and character traits including jealousy when Deborah buys a new dog shaped hot water bottle cover, pride when he is left alone to keep house, excitement and general silliness at his birthday party (which is my daughter’s favourite story) and bravery when he thinks he is going to be eaten by a cow.

There is a lot of humour in the stories. Teddy Robinson’s ex-and-shoff (excited and showing off) behaviour at his birthday party has my daughter laughing uncontrollably especially when he stands on his head in the middle of the table. I find the story about him trying to ‘keep up’ with Teddy Jones across the road funny. The bears are so tired after showing off what they have in their wardrobes and watching what each other is eating / drinking / playing that they forget to make friends with each other! We also love the funny little songs that Teddy Robinson makes up and the beautiful black and white illustrations which are interspersed throughout the story and accompanied by a line from the text.

The stories were written in the 1950’s but many of the situations, e.g. going on holiday, going into hospital, birthday parties, going shopping and dancing classes are still familiar today. The relationship between Deborah and her bear is beautifully portrayed and Joan G. Robinson has created stories that can stimulate a child’s imaginary play. Our own ‘Teddy Robinson’ has had birthday parties and, like Mummy and Deborah, we built him his own house with a chimney, just like in the story!

The Teddy Robinson Storybook Teddy Robinson's House #classicschallenge

The stories haven’t lost their magic for me as an adult and I’m delighted with the constant requests from my daughter to ‘read me a Teddy Robinson story’! Did you read Teddy Robinson as a child? Do you have a favourite Teddy Robinson story?

Age Range: 4 +

Author: Joan G. Robinson

The Teddy Robinson Storybook is the third book that we have read for the 2015 Classics Challenge.

20 thoughts on “The Teddy Robinson Storybook by Joan G. Robinson

    • Teddy Robinson stories were popular when I was a child and Macmillan have just reprinted them as one of their new classics series. Other reprinted classics include Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and The Little Wooden Horse.

  1. I’ve also not heard of these stories before, but I like the idea of a bear with emotions. My toddler is working hard to put a label on his feelings right now, and I wonder if these books would be helpful.

    • The Teddy Robinson stories are in chapters so I would personally recommend them from minimum age four, I think they may be a little bit advanced for toddlers.

  2. I have not heard of Teddy Robinson before, either. Teddy’s stories sound delightful! Thanks for sharing a classic. Stopping by from the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 😀

  3. I have also never heard of Tedd Robinson, but that is not uncommon in Australia as we are always the last to get anything lol. It sounds so endearing. Thanks for a great recommendation on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  4. I have never heard of this book before. I am going to have to check out the classic book challenge you shared. I love sharing my favorites as a child with my girls.

    • I’m having a lot of fun with The Classics Challenge, we’ve just read our first Roald Dahl book 🙂 It’s lovely to share childhood favourites with your own children, brilliant when they love the books as much as you do!

  5. I am not familiar with this series, but the Teddy Robinson books sound like delightful reads for children. Corduroy was the popular bear book series in the US when I was little. I love learning about new classic books I missed as a child so I can share them with my own kids and grandkids. Thanks for linking this to the hop.

    • Teddy Robinson is delightful, we love Corduroy here too. There are lots of children’s classics that I have never read, maybe we’ll make it our mission to continue with the challenge next year as well! Thank you for sharing the post 🙂

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