EGG by Jonathan Litton and Fhiona Galloway

Age Range: 0 to 3

With an intriguing Egg shaped hole on the cover that gets smaller and smaller, EGG is an ‘eggs-citing Easter egg-escapade!’ for the littlest of readers.

The Story: Bunny starts the egg hunt then Lamb, Puppy, Kitten, Pony and Bluebird each find an Easter egg. Their eggs start to crack and six fluffy chicks hatch.

On each double spread the easy to read rhyming text introduces the child to a different baby animal. The egg shaped hole gets smaller and smaller so that Bluebird finds the smallest egg and when the chicks finally hatch the hole has disappeared. The concept of the eggs hatching is introduced very simply, the eggs crack then six little chicks cheep!

Fhiona Galloway’s illustrations are bold, bright and colourful and support the easy to read rhyming text (my daughter has been using EGG to practise her reading). I like the spread which shows Puppy’s excitement when he finds his egg underground and my daughter’s favourite spread shows Kitten in a flowerbed (there are several flowers so it’s also a great spread for practising counting).

EGG is one of the books in Little Tiger Kids My Little World series. It is colourful, chunky, sturdy and perfect for little hands to hold. As well as introducing the animals and the idea of eggs hatching it can also encourage counting and stimulate discussions about colour and patterns.

Author: Jonathan Litton / Illustrator: Fhiona Galloway

Egg: An egg-citing Easter eggs-capade! (My Little World)

by Fhiona Galloway Jonathan Litton [Little Tiger Kids]
£2.80 ·  EUR 7,50 ·  EUR 5,97 ·  EUR 5,89 ·  $10.93

Thank you to Antonia Wilkinson for sending us a review copy of Egg. We love the idea of giving this fun, colourful, rhyming story to a baby as a first Easter present.

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