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We’ve had our first snow of the season which has prompted us to read some of our favourite snowy picture books. They include snowballs, snowy journeys, hibernation, penguins and cold, snowy nights. We’d love to hear your snowy picture book suggestions too.

The different ways that the playroom toys try to explain snow to Jolly Tall are really inventive. Jolly Snow inspired us to make our own snowflakes and we still want to make Bramwell’s snowflake biscuits.

Jolly Snow (Old Bear) - Story Snug

Pip and Posy have lots of fun in the snow in Pip and Posy: A Snowy Day until building a snow animal causes an argument. They manage to resolve their differences and find a solution to their problem using play dough.

Pip and Posy: The Snowy Day - Story Snug

Silver and Sparkle have never seen snow before but they find it lots of fun to play in in Little Deer Lost. This is a lovely story for initiating an animal footprints activity.

Little Deer Lost - Story Snug

Cuddly Dudley‘s attempts to get away from his overbearing family take him on a journey across the snow. It’s not often that you see a penguin wearing a Hawaiian shirt!

Cuddly Dudley - Story Snug

Percy the Park Keeper kindly gives his animal friends shelter on One Snowy Night. Percy’s shed is full by the end of the night. Where will he sleep?!

Nick Butterworth - One Snowy Night (Percy the Park Keeper) - Story Snug

Little Hedgehog gives his hat, scarf and mittens away in One Winter’s Day but his friends reward his kindness with their own thoughtful gesture,

One Winter's Day - Story Snug

In One Snowy Night Little Hedgehog should be hibernating but he is too cold. His attempt to deliver a present to Rabbit causes him to get lost in the snow but the present comes in useful when Fox finds him.

One Snowy Night - Story Snug

Bear Snores On is a lovely, simple rhyming story to introduce young children to the concept of hibernation and animals sleeping through the winter.

Bear Snores On - Story Snug

Herman makes an epic journey through the snow to deliver a letter to his friend Henry in Herman’s Letter. Does he manage to get there before it is time for him to hibernate?

Herman's Letter - Story Snug

Do you have a favourite snowy picture book? We’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.

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29 thoughts on “Picture books about snow

  1. Lovely. We love wintery books too at the moment. Libby is particularly into the Campbell Let’s Play Ice Skating book. She loves to move the levers around and make things happen. We reviewed some lovely ones at Christmas including this. I like the sound of the little hedgehog from your list, I love books that teach kindness, it’s so important.x

  2. I’m a former Kindergarten teacher so I just love picture books- especially themed ones! I’m so happy my son is really into them too. My son loves That’s Not My Snowman. I also loved reading Tacky the Penguin, The Snowman, Snowman at Night and The Snowy Day to my class.

    • We like Tacky the Penguin and That’s Not My Snowman was one of our favourite toddler books. We watched The Snowman at Christmas, it’s a beautiful story 🙂

  3. Bear Snores On is our favorite book about snow. We also like You Can Do It Sam. You always create the most lovely lists. Hopping over from the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

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