Badger And The Great Storm by Suzanne Chiew & Caroline Pedler

Badger And The Great Storm is the perfect story to snuggle up with while the wind howls around outside. Badger’s kindness in helping to protect the woodland animals’ homes is reciprocated when his own home is destroyed in the storm.

The Story: When the animals hear that a terrible storm is coming Badger helps them to secure their belongings and make their homes stronger. On his way home the wind blows and it starts to rain. Badger shelters in Rabbit’s burrow for the night and next morning the animals discover that the oak tree has blown down and damaged Badger’s house. His friends help him build a new house and they also plant an acorn so that one day he will live under an oak tree again.

Badger and the Great Storm - Story SnugBadger is such a kind character and allays the different fears that Rabbit, Hedgehog, Bird and Mouse have about the storm. Before the storm Badger’s toolbox comes in very handy for building a nest box and making a sturdy door and he has a very inventive idea for protecting Hedgehog’s lettuces. It is lucky that Badger stays the night with Rabbit and isn’t in his own house, my daughter’s favourite picture shows him reading a story to all the little rabbits. I love the double page spread where the animals are working to build Badger’s house. Rabbit and Mouse look so cute in their safety goggles!

Caroline Pedler’s beautiful illustrations complement the easy to read text. The animals have wonderful expressions on their faces, especially when they see Badger’s tree lying on the ground. Children can identify with the animal characters and their initial fears about the storm and the book portrays kindness, friendship and caring as the animals help each other throughout the story.

Badger and The Great Storm would by a lovely story to include in a classroom weather topic. You could read the story but stop reading before Badger’s new house is revealed so that children can imagine, design (and maybe build) their own house for him. The book can also be used to stimulate conversations about woodland animals and the different types of houses that they live in.

Author: Suzanne Chiew / Illustrator: Caroline Pedler

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a copy of Badger And The Great Storm. We really enjoy reading this lovely story about friendship and kindness.

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  1. The front cover illustration looks stunning.

    Always looking for new books to add to my daughter’s growing collection.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Jenna at Tiny Footsteps xx

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