Snowy and Christmas’ Advent Calendar December 1st to 8th

There is great excitement in our house as Snowy and Christmas are back with their book Advent Calendar, for the next twenty four days they will be bringing us a picture book to read. They don’t only bring new books and Christmas books but they also choose their favourites from our bookcase as well as borrowing books from the library. Last year they wrote letters, had a car race, partied with the fairies and one morning we even found Snowy doing some knitting! We’re looking forward to seeing which books they will choose this year and what they will be doing with the book!

December 1st

Christmas & Snowy 1Christmas and Snowy arrived with a sheep and Rica’s schönstes Weihnachtsfest. Each day we will read a new page of this Advent story and stick the sticker to our window.





December 2nd

Christmas & Snowy 2 Story SnugWe found Christmas and Snowy making music. They’ve brought one of our favourite Christmas books, My Very First Christmas Carols. We listen to this CD at least once every day in the run up to Christmas, it’s a lovely retelling of the Christmas story.





December 3rd

Ach du Schreck, mein Name Mistweg! Story SnugWe found Snowy and Christmas looking for their names. They were joined by some of the characters from Ach, du Schreck, mein Name ist weg! who were helping them find the letters that they needed. You still have time to enter the giveaway to win your own personalised copy of a Lost My Name book in the language of your choice (English, American English, German, French or Spanish).




December 4th

Christmas & Snowy 4 Story SnugSnowy and Christmas brought The Jolly Christmas Postman. Snowy was having fun playing Goldilocks’ game while Christmas was writing his Christmas cards.







December 5th

Christmas & Snowy 5 Story SnugBathtime fun with Bibble and the Bubbles. Christmas and Snowy were having a bubble blowing competition!







December 6th

Christmas & Snowy 6 Story Snug‘Lustig lustig tralalalala
Heut’ ist Nikolausabend da’

Snowy and Christmas went to the library and borrowed Ein Geschenk for den Nikolaus. They brought a gold star as that is the present that Nikolaus receives in the story. Nikolaus also filled their shoes with sweeties and brought a marzipan angel for them to eat.




December 7th

Christmas and Snowy 7 Story SnugChristmas and Snowy were playing snowballs with Der Kleine Eisbär und der Angsthase. The rabbit was quite scared so he was hiding behind Snowy.






December 8th

Christmas and Snowy 8 Story SnugPeace at Last for Christmas, Snowy and Mr and Mrs Bear. We’re being very quiet today so we don’t wake them up!








16 thoughts on “Snowy and Christmas’ Advent Calendar December 1st to 8th

    • I was planning to do something a little bit different this year but my daughter was convinced that Christmas and Snowy would be back. I do have fun putting together the scenes for them 🙂

  1. This is the first year I’ve done a proper book advent and the boys love it (hmm where did I hide our copy of the Jolly Christmas Postman?). Love reading others reviews of them and finding books I didn’t know existed.
    Had to explain to mine some were their own books when they opened “Father Christmas” and declared “we’ve already got this one”. On the plus side we now sing ‘another bloomin christmas’ every day.

    • My daughter thinks that Snowy and Christmas choose the books and I am using a couple of the same ones we used last year as they’re part of our Christmas traditions. Tomorrow they’re bringing a library book, she’s still trying to work out how they get to the library on their own 😉

      Hope you find your Jolly Postman!

    • It’s a lot of fun to do. I’m thinking that maybe next year I could do a ‘Guess the Book’ Advent Calendar, just set the scene and then ask my daughter to guess which book it is from.

  2. I love this idea, I’ve always thought the idea of a Book Advent Calendar was brilliant! I like the fact that yours brings not just new books but ones that the kids already own and ones from the library and it still excites the kids and helps bring the magic of Christmas to life. Popping over from Festive Friday.

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