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Christmassy Picture Books

Are you reading any of your Christmassy picture books yet? We’ve read several new ones but have yet to get out our favourites from previous years. These are the books that we enjoyed reading last Christmas and include cats, rabbits, nursery rhyme and fairytale characters and an adorable big bear.

The Jolly Christmas Postman follows the same format as The Jolly Postman but in this story the postman is delivering festive greetings. During his round he makes a visit to Humpty Dumpty in hospital and eats mince pies with Little Red Riding Hood before getting a lift home in Santa’s sleigh.

The Jolly Christmas Postman - Story Snug

Mog’s Christmas tells the story of a traditional family Christmas during which Mog, the cat, escapes from the festive preparations before coming down from the roof in a dramatic fashion!

Mog's Christmas - Story Snug

In Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish Snow Bunny sets off to deliver her letter to Santa. On the way she helps various animals and when she meets Santa her own Christmas wish is granted.

Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish - Story Snug

When It Snows is the beautifully illustrated story of a little boy’s magical, snowy Christmas journey which has a lovely twist at the end.

When It Snows - Story Snug

In Herman’s Letter Herman tries to deliver a letter to his best friend Henry but it is almost time to hibernate. Can he make it to Henry’s house in time? Will he be awake at Christmas?

Herman's Letter - Story Snug

Aliens Love Panta Claus is a very amusing, rhyming story about how the aliens help Father Christmas to deliver presents (and pants!).

Aliens Love Panta Claus - Story Snug

Do you have favourite Christmassy picture books that you traditionally read every year? We’d love to hear your favourites 🙂

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33 responses to “Christmassy Picture Books”

  1. Cate @meaddthree avatar
    Cate @meaddthree

    What a lovely selection of books here, with some new and classic stories. We love Aliens Love Panta Claus too, and our current favourite is the Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas – charming! I will check out the Christmas Postman, we’re big fans of the Jolly Postman here and this would be a lovely addition to our collection. Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown.

    1. Catherine avatar

      I don’t know the Dinosaur that pooped Christmas, it sounds fun. The Jolly Christmas Postman is great and the little presents inside are lovely 🙂

  2. Sam avatar

    Nice choices! I like Kipper’ s Christmas Eve, I’m a sucker for Mick Inkpen’ s illustrations, and I’ve bought a new one which we haven’t read yet called The Reindeers’ Christmas Party which is a pop up – exciting!! #xmascountdown

    1. Catherine avatar

      I’ve not read Kipper’s Christmas Eve although we do love Kipper. I’ve just looked at The Reindeer’s Christmas party, It looks like a fun book 🙂

  3. Sharon Powell avatar

    Oh I love the look of all of these. Aliens love Panta Clause looks so funny and Mog is a great classic x

    1. Catherine avatar

      Aliens Love Panta Claus is very funny 🙂

  4. Twinmummyyummy avatar

    I love the aliens love Panta Claus book and The Jolly Pocket Postman Christmas one. The little letters in them are too cute! Great collection. #Christmascountdown

    1. Catherine avatar

      We like playing Goldilocks’ game from The Jolly Christmas Postman 🙂

  5. Emma Lander avatar

    What a great selection. We’ve only read Mog so I feel like I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Thanks for linking up to #TinselTuesdays

    1. Catherine avatar

      There are so many lovely Christmas picture books. I keep seeing more that I’d love to buy!

  6. mummy m's memories avatar

    We love Christmas books…. BUT we haven’t seen any of these ones…. this years new ones is who put santa on the naughty step… I think that’s what its called.. the elves are bringing it with them! 🙂 Nothing better than cuddling up under a blanket and reading them a lovely story with lots of pictures for them to discuss!

    1. Catherine avatar

      I’ve not heard of Santa on the Naughty Step. Have fun with your elves 🙂

  7. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) avatar

    Aww what a lovely round-up some great books including a couple I remember from when I was a kid! Xx #tinseltuesdays

    1. Catherine avatar

      It’s lovely to have a mix of old and new Christmas books to read. I’ve just found my childhood copy of Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas which I loved as a child 🙂

  8. Hayley @hayleyfromhome avatar

    We have the Jolly Christmas Postman and I think that is my favourite! I didn’t know about Mog’s Christmas though and my son just loves the Mog books, will have to add that to our Christmas collection! #tinseltuesdays

    1. Catherine avatar

      The Mog book is one I remember from my childhood, it’s lovely to re-read it as an adult 🙂

  9. Karen Bell avatar

    They sound great, I love christmas books. 🙂

  10. Donna avatar

    I really wanted to buy the Jolly Postman Christmas book this year, but thought I’d save it for when my son is actually old enough to appreciate it. I think I get overly excited by thigns like this! hahah #MMWBH

    1. Catherine avatar

      I found it really hard to buy The Jolly Christmas Postman before Christmas for two years running, my tip would be to buy it in the summer when nobody else is thinking about Christmas 😉

  11. chantelle hazelden avatar

    some lovely suggestions to add to my list 🙂 thanks for linking up with #readwithme x

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome 🙂

  12. Hannah avatar

    Oh some of these are my favourites too. Another great #festivefriday link up. Hope you will join in next week too!

    1. Catherine avatar

      We have so many Christmas picture book favourites that I can’t include them all!

  13. Katrina Chambers avatar

    Catherine – found you on the read with me Linky!

    Thanks for these reviews, I particularly like the alien and santa one as my son is really starting to understand humour so I think he will enjoy that.

    Single Mother Ahoy – I would advise you to keep the Jolly Postman away from your 2 year old this year, and maybe wait until next year. I showed the jolly christmas postman to my 2 year old last christmas and he tore up many of the letters/pages either deliberately or through clumsiness. I’m hoping to try again this year – so wish me luck 😉

    Kat x

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome, Katrina. I would also agree with you about The Jolly Christmas Postman being more suitable for a slightly older child, especially with the inclusion of the beautiful pop-up picture at the end of the story which needs to be handled with care.

  14. Mackenzie avatar

    Aww love your choices! Will have to check out Christmas MOG, sounds great 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      Mog is an oldie but a goodie 🙂

  15. Single Mother Ahoy avatar

    Oh my gosh, I need all of these! Especially the Jolly Christmas Postman!
    S is only 2, but we’ve already collected some Christmas books: Dear Santa, and one with a big red squeaky nose that belongs to different Christmassy people as you go through the book. Someone gave us The Night Before Christmas last year, but she’s too young to appreciate it yet.
    This year’s favourite is The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas by Abie Longstaff.
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

    1. Catherine avatar

      The Jolly Christmas Postman is great (I have often found it out of stock if I have tried to order it too close to Christmas!). The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas is a new favourite here too 🙂

  16. Sue at the Little Shack avatar

    What a wonderful place to come and find books for my grandkids! Thanks so much for this! Found you on the ‘My Life as a Mummy’ weekend blog hop and have pinned, followed, etc!

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re very welcome Sue! Thank you for following 🙂

  17. Kim Carberry avatar

    What lovely books!
    Ahh I haven’t seen Mog the cat books or years! What a blast from the past!

    1. Catherine avatar

      Mog is pretty timeless 🙂