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Storytime Magazine is a new monthly magazine which aims to make reading fun and support the UK National Curriculum’s emphasis on reading for pleasure. We enjoyed reading the first issue which was published in September and are now enjoying the second one which was published on October 15th. Storytime is available to buy in major UK supermarkets, WHSmith and local newsagents or you can subscribe to the magazine and receive your copy through the post or on your iPad.

The byline for Storytime is ‘Classic Tales to read and Share’ and I like the fact that Storytime is a magazine that introduces a child to a mix of traditional tales and poems from around the world. Under headings such as Myths and Legends, Around the World Tales, Brilliant Books and Famous Fables there is a story to appeal to every child (and adult!).

The magazine is printed on thick, good quality paper which will stand up to repeated reading. It contains no adverts and there are no plastic toys on the cover. The contents page at the beginning of the magazine gives the reader a clear overview of the stories and poems included and the text is printed in an easy to read font. The pictures are beautiful and the use of different illustrators ensures that the stories are illustrated using a variety of styles.

An education consultant, Jacqueline Harris, works with Storytime to give expert advice on how you can read with children and The Story Magic page gives parental tips for extension activities  stimulated by the stories. The Storytime Playbox page includes story inspired activities, games and puzzles and there is also a game to play (great for numeracy skills).

First issue – September 10th

Story time Magazine - Story SnugMy daughter enjoyed the traditional retelling of Goldilocks and The Three Bears but was also fascinated by the Greek myth, Perseus and Medusa. After listening to the extract from Alice in Wonderland she is now eager to hear the rest of the story. She joined in with the beautifully illustrated Owl and the Pussycat and was introduced to Aladdin and his Magic Lamp, a story that was previously unknown to her. She had fun doing the activities on The Storytime Playbox page and we played The Hare and The Tortoise game.





Second issue – October 15th

Storytime Magazine - Story SnugIt was great to learn new verses from the nursery rhyme, Old Mother Hubbard and we enjoyed this month’s Around the World Tale, East of the Sun and West of the Moon. It’s always comforting to read a new version of a familiar fairytale, The Gingerbread Man is this month’s story. The tale of St. George and the Dragon was new to my daughter as was The Lucky Pedlar and now we’ve read the extract from The Wizard of Oz we want to watch the film. The chocolate challenge game, based on the Augustus Gloop poem, is original, fun and provided much entertainment.




You can read more on the Storytime website which also includes downloadable activities, competitions and information pages for parents.

Age Range: 4 to 8

Thank you to Luna Creative for sending us a copy of issue 2.

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  1. Lovely review – thank you! What sort of age would you think this appeals to most? Are there picture stories for learning readers to look at the magazine alone? Thanks, and great post! 🙂

    • I think the stories can be enjoyed by children from age four. My daughter at age six is the perfect age, the stories are enjoyable when read aloud but are also at the right level for the child to read them independently. There are no picture stories, they all have quite a bit of text, but that would be a great idea 🙂

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