My Pop-Up World by Nicola Killen

We won two My Pop-Up World novelty books in a Twitter giveaway from author / illustrator Nicola Killen. Although my daughter is no longer a toddler she is fascinated by the brightly coloured pop-ups and is using the books to practise her reading.

The books are sturdy, they are a good size for little hands and each page has a beautifully illustrated pop-up. Although the pop-ups are made of fairly thick card I would read them under supervision with babies and young toddlers as some of them need careful handling. They are really cleverly done and it is very difficult to choose a favourite. The illustrations are brightly coloured and appealing to young children and the simple text is written in the first person, it is bold and written in an easy to read font.

The My Pop-Up World books would be great to use in the nursery or reception classroom as part of Weather or Transport topics. The simple text also makes them great first reading books for beginner readers.

Pop Up World: Things that Go - Story SnugIn Things That Go a child is introduced to various modes of transport including a ship, a plane, a train and a rocket. At the end we are introduced to the child’s favourite mode of transport which will be familiar to all young children. My favourite pop-up is the rocket which zooms upwards as you open the page and my daughter’s favourite is the ship.


Pop Up World: Weather - Story SnugWeather introduces different kinds of weather and includes items that may be needed, for example, sunglasses when it is sunny and an umbrella when it rains. The final page shows what the child in the story likes doing when the weather is really bad. My daughter loves the very cute, tiny pop-up house and my two favourites are the snowman’s big, orange carrot nose and the child’s sunglasses!

My Pop-Up World books are lovely first non fiction books for the littlest children but as a parent I find them fun to read too.

Age Range: 2 +

Author / Illustrator: Nicola Killen

16 thoughts on “My Pop-Up World by Nicola Killen

  1. I love pop up books for young children because they provide the added benefit of enhancing fine motor skills. These sound perfect for preschoolers! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Pop up books are the best. We have one with a panda bear in it, and my little one insists of bringing it to zoo each time we go. These looks like they have great colors to engage young readers.

  3. I haven’t used a pop-up with my daughter yet because I’m afraid it’ll just get ruined. She’s almost 2.5 now, so maybe it’s time. These sound great, especially the Things That Go since she’s really interested in this topic right now. I’ll have to watch for it. Thanks for stopping by Spark and Pook.

    • I was always careful with pop-up books when my daughter was younger but even now she can be a little bit rough when they excite her so I don’t really know what the best age for introducing them would be!

    • My daughter loved all transport, tractors especially, when she was a toddler. ‘Things That Go’ would have been perfect for her at that age.

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