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Favourite picture book Dads for Fathers’ Day

In celebration of Fathers’ Day we have chosen some of our favourite picture book dads to share with you. Our choices include bears, birds, single dads and Stick Man!

In Me and My Dad Daddy Bear loves joining little bear when s/he splashes in puzzles, he comforts him/her in a storm and he carries him/her home when s/he is too tired to walk. He’s a Daddy you can rely on.

Me and My Dad! - Story Snug

I have a lot of sympathy for Noi’s hardworking, single dad in The Storm Whale. When Noi brings a whale home Dad doesn’t get angry as he realises that Noi is lonely and that he needs to spend more time with him. The Storm Whale is the winner of the 2014 Oscar’s Book Prize.

The Storm Whale - Story Snug

Single parent, Lily-Rose May’s Dad in The Princess and the Peas must be congratulated on the huge efforts he makes to persuade her to eat peas. Cycling to the library to borrow recipe books, making pea smoothies and letting her go and live at the palace, he is a dad who puts his daughter’s happiness before his own.

The Princess and the Peas - Story Snug

After a long (and sometimes scary) adventure Stick Man comes to Santa’s rescue when he gets stuck in the chimney. Santa repays Stick Man’s kindness by taking him back to his worried family in time for Christmas. He’s not a bad old stick but one who will help when he can.

Stick Man - Story Snug

Daddy patiently shows a little woodpecker how to peck a tree and gives him/her lots of praise when s/he makes his/her first hole. He encourages the little woodpecker to Peck, Peck, Peck wherever s/he can so that s/he can perfect his/her technique. He’s a very kind, nurturing father who makes no secret of the fact that he loves his little woodpecker.

Peck Peck Peck

Forever is called Papa hat dich lieb (Daddy loves you) in German. It portrays a wonderful relationship between parent and child and shows the child that whatever happens this parent will love their child forever.

Forever - Story Snug

Dad builds The Monster Machine which creates some amazing monsters and he is also kind enough to help the monsters when they realise that they need their own Monster Machine to return home. Imagine having a Dad who is an inventor – how cool would that be 🙂

The Monster Machine - Story Snug

Big Bear is such a caring father and allays Little Bear’s fears when he hears strange noises in Let’s Go Home Little Bear. Their relationship is portrayed as close and caring, Big Bear would make a great babysitter!

Let's Go Home, Little Bear - Story Snug

Do you have a favourite picture book Dad you would add to our list? We’d love to see your suggestions in the comments.

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6 responses to “Favourite picture book Dads for Fathers’ Day”

  1. Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews avatar

    Ooh, good timing for us with Father’s Day coming up in a few weeks! Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome. I’m not sure what date Fathers’ Day is in the USA and / or Canada. It’s June 15th in the UK.

  2. Stacie Theis avatar

    Love your Father’s Day book selection. It’s next month here in the US. The book cover for Me and My Dad! is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome Stacie. Father’s Day is also in June in the UK.

  3. Barbara Mojica avatar

    Got to look these up. They sound wonderful!

    1. Catherine avatar

      Do you have a favourite picture book Dad, Barbara?