Roger Hargreaves - Little Miss Birthday Story Snug

Mr Birthday and Little Miss Birthday by Roger Hargreaves

Roger Hargreaves celebrated his birthday on May 9th and with a birthday coming up in our house we have been reading two of our favourite Mr Men books, Little Miss Birthday and Mr. Birthday. My daughter loves the glittery covers and both stories make us laugh. They are reasonably priced and would make a great birthday present or party prize.

Little Miss Birthday: Little Miss Birthday loves choosing birthday presents for her friends. She comes up with some very original ideas but has no idea what to buy for Mr. Wrong. She has a long conversation with Mr. Wrong but still has no idea what would be a suitable present. A casual chat with Mr. Muddle gives her an idea and on Mr. Wrong’s birthday she arrives with a Christmas present. He is delighted, he thought it was Christmas and Little Miss Birthday has just proved him right – the best birthday present ever!

Roger Hargreaves - Little Miss Birthday Story Snug

Mr. Birthday: Mr. Birthday is very good at organising birthday parties. At the end of Mr. Happy’s party Mr. Happy says thank you to Mr. Birthday and says that he is looking forward to next week’s party. Mr. Birthday is mystified as he doesn’t know anybody who has a birthday next week. During the week he hears murmurs about the party but has no idea who has a birthday. Mr. Happy tells him the date and time of the party and when he arrives at Mr. Happy’s house Mr. Birthday realises that it is his birthday they are celebrating!

Mr. Birthday - Story Snug

There is so much humour in both stories which include many of our favourite Mr Men characters (Mr. Bump, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy to name but a few). They receive presents and have parties that reflect their characters and Roger Hargreaves has come up with some original ideas for the celebrations. Mr. Birthday is very considerate when he organises Mr. Greedy’s party, he brings two cakes – one for Mr. Greedy and one for the guests! Little Miss Late’s birthday present is very original, she receives a bus stop that she can carry with her so that she is never late for a bus! The pictures are bold and colourful and my daughter especially likes Mr. Wrong’s house with it’s upside down front door and the armchairs in the garden.

The Little Misses and Mr Men have a wonderfully colourful website which includes the history of the Mr Men and Little Miss books, colouring sheets and a monthly drawing competition.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Roger Hargreaves

Mr. Bump was my favourite Mr Men story when I was a child. Do you have a favourite Mr Man or Little Miss?

Mr. Bump - Story Snug

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9 responses to “Mr Birthday and Little Miss Birthday by Roger Hargreaves”

  1. Lesley @ Australian Picture Books avatar

    Interesting to see that all these Mr Men and Little Miss books are still popular. “The simple and humorous stories, with brightly coloured, boldly drawn illustrations, have been part of popular culture since 1971, with sales of over 85 million copies worldwide in 20 languages.”* This quote was written in 1988 so obviously many more sold and read now.
    *”People of 1988: Obituaries”, 1989 Britannica Book of the Year, Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. Yes Roger Hargreaves died in 1988 at the age of 53

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you for the quote Lesley, sad that Roger Hargreaves died so young but great that his legacy lives on. The latest Little Miss book has just been published – Little Miss Hug 🙂

  2. Kirsty avatar

    I used to love the Mr Men stories as a child. I love the idea of giving a ‘Little Miss Birthday’ or “Mr Birthday’ as a cute birthday gift. Thank you for joining in with #kidsbookaweek

    1. Catherine avatar

      Little Miss Christmas (which strangely enough we read tonight!) and Mr Christmas make great stocking presents too 🙂

  3. Muma Leary avatar

    We love the Mr Men and Little Miss books. We got the whole collection for Christmas. YEY! I loved Little Miss Splendid. Mainly for her name I think!

    1. Catherine avatar

      I think the whole collection is a great present to give to a new baby, my niece got all the books when she was born 🙂

  4. My Life As A Mummy avatar

    Got to love the Mr Men series, it’s nice to see them bringing more out. I have most of them from the 90’s. I must update my collection so I can pass them on to Cameron

    Thanks for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

  5. chantelle hazelden avatar

    aaaa can’t beat a good mr man story!!! thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe I have pinned and tweeted this post x

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you. The Mr Men are so timeless 🙂