Christmas and Snowy’s Advent Calendar Dec 17th to 24th

Only eight more days on our Advent calendar and we’re looking forward to Christmas and Snowy bringing us some more seasonal books. They were very creative last week with their knitting and paper doll making and they also enjoyed a car race. We’re looking forward to seeing what they will be doing from December 17th to 24th.

December 17th

Where’s the Bus? is an old favourite. Christmas and Snowy were sitting on the bus but Rabbit and Mouse didn’t seem to notice!

December 18th

Christmas and Snowy brought Aliens Love Panta Claus. They put on their underpants and boarded their spaceship so that they could help the aliens and Santa Claus deliver presents.

December 19th

Our daughter was excited to find Make Your Own Nativity Scene this morning. Snowy and Christmas have put up the crib scene that we made last year but there is still some colouring and sticking to do before Christmas.

December 20th

Christmas and Snowy brought When it Snows today. There were lots of footprints in the snow and Christmas was riding on a giant reindeer!

December 21st

Der Weihnachtsstern was Christmas and Snowy’s choice today. They took the star off the Christmas tree and decorated their little corner. They also had fun with sticky stars!

December 22nd

Christmas and Snowy are packing their mittens, biscuits and a map like Snow Bunny in Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish. They haven’t told us what they’re wishing for this Christmas though!

December 23rd

Christmas and Snowy hid their snowman behind the Christmas tree like Felix and Josi in Fröhliche Weihnachten mit Familie Maus.

December 24th

On Heiliger Abend Snowy and Christmas brought Die Weihnachtsgeschichte and joined Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the kings to visit Baby Jesus in the stable.


Christmas and Snowy’s Advent Calendar Dec 17th to 24th

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