Christmas and Snowy’s Advent Calendar Dec 1st to 8th

Our two new Advent friends have arrived with our Advent crown and their first book choice. My daughter has christened them Christmas and Snowy, they’ve barely left her side all day and have been a huge hit so I think we’re in for a fun Advent!


20131201-185824.jpgDecember 1st

Rica und ihre Freunde feiern Weihnachten – a story for Advent with a window sticker for each day. By Christmas we will have a Nativity scene on our window.





20131202-112212.jpgDecember 2nd

Christmas and Snowy brought their guitar and their drum so that they could play along with My Very First Christmas Carols.







20131203-091714.jpgDecember 3rd

We found Christmas and Snowy writing their Christmas cards. They must have been inspired by bringing The Jolly Christmas Postman.






20131204-094904.jpgDecember 4th

Christmas and Snowy found the cheese so that they can celebrate Cheesemas but did they find The Great Big Cheesy Diamond when they read Mouseton Abbey?






20131205-152129.jpgDecember 5th

Christmas and Snowy had four princesses to play with when we found them this morning and they had also brought a new Rescue Princess book – The Magic Rings.






20131206-085353.jpgDecember 6th – Nikolaus Tag

Christmas and Snowy went to the library to choose our next book, Lieber Nikolaus wann kommst du?. Nikolaus also filled their shoes with sweeties 🙂








20131207-152637.jpgDecember 7th

Christmas and Snowy brought Molli der Schneeman for us to read today. They also had time to build a snowman and have a snowball fight!






20131208-091635.jpgDecember 8th

The Night Pirates was Christmas and Snowy’s choice of book today. They were also accompanied by a rather mean looking pirate who doesn’t want to share his treasure!






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