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Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish by Rebecca Harry

Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish is a lovely story that celebrates the qualities of kindness and giving at Christmas. The illustrations are gorgeous and silvery glitter foil on each picture beautifully evokes the cold, wintery atmosphere.

The Story: On Christmas Eve Snow Bunny writes to Santa to ask him for a friend. As Red Robin Postman has already taken the last mail she packs her bag and sets off to follow the North Star to deliver the letter herself. On her way she meets animals who need her help. She gives the animals various items from her bag and when she finally sees the North Star shining above Santa’s house her bag is empty and she is cold and hungry. Santa reads Snow Bunny’s letter then takes her home where she finds all the animals that she has met waiting for her. Her wish has come true through her kindness and she has new friends to spend Christmas with.

On her way to Santa’s house, Snow Bunny meets a cold bear, a fox who doesn’t have a decoration for the Christmas tree and some lost fawns. She gives away her provisions until she has nothing left for herself which beautifully demonstrates the act of kindness in a way that even the youngest children can understand.

I love the illustrations in this easy to read story. The cute animals have facial expressions that realistically show their emotions, my favourite spread shows Snow Bunny’s delight when she finds her new friends waiting for her at the end of the story. My daughter loves looking at all the animals decorating the Christmas tree but she is also fascinated by the ice skaters’ shiny, glittery pond. The colour of the sky changes and becomes darker to show the length of Snow Bunny’s journey and the animals’ breath turns silver to show how cold they are. Several times Snow Bunny mistakes the lights she sees for the North Star and the first time we read the story we had fun guessing what the light could be.

Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish is a lovely, gentle story which celebrates giving and friendship at Christmas. The glittery illustrations are so beautiful you just can’t help touching the pictures as you read the story. It would make a beautiful Christmas present.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Rebecca Harry

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