International Friendship Day

To celebrate International Friendship Day we have put together a list of our favourite picture books about friends and the activities that they like to do together (or in Amos McGee’s case, friends who take care of each other).

A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

by Philip C. Stead [Roaring Brook Press]
£12.84 ·  EUR 15,94 ·  EUR 14,06 ·  EUR 16,00 ·  $8.02

Maisy goes Camping by Lucy Cousins

Maisy Goes Camping

by Lucy Cousins [Walker Books Ltd]
£5.99 ·  EUR 7,50 ·  EUR 5,95 ·  EUR 7,29 ·  $9.49

Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter by Axel Scheffler

Super Scooter (Pip and Posy)

by Axel Scheffler [Nosy Crow]
£8.46 ·  EUR 11,00 ·  EUR 9,56 ·  EUR 12,90 ·  $12.67

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found

by Oliver Jeffers [HarperCollins Publishers]
£3.49 ·  EUR 6,99 ·  EUR 8,06 ·  EUR 8,07 ·  $0.03

Friends by Helme Heine


by Helme Heine [Aladdin]
£5.28 ·  EUR 6,99 ·  EUR 7,25 ·  EUR 6,79 ·  $6.39

Ruby, Blue and Blanket by Jane Hissey

Ruby, Blue and Blanket

by Jane Hissey [Scribblers]
£9.15 ·  EUR 3,59 ·  EUR 12,27 ·  EUR 12,14 ·  $7.98


12 thoughts on “International Friendship Day

  1. As always, thank you for your recommendations and great taste in books. There’s nothing like a friend that loves to read!

    • I can’t imagine not loving reading. There are so many wonderful books being published that I’m sure that there’s a book out there for even the most reluctant reader 🙂

  2. Nice list Catherine. Sick Day for Mr. McGee is a classic of course, but we loved the others as well. During summer we pored over the Elephant and Piggie series and I can’t help but recommend these addition to the list. They are absolutely wonderful and have a strong theme of friendship to them. Thanks for sharing on Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  3. What a fun list! I didn’t even know it was international friendship day, so thanks for the heads-up! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this review. I found you at the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I also host a weekly link-up on Thursdays for all things book related at my site, I’d love for you to join us anytime!
    Have a magnificent week!

  4. Wow, I think not a lot of people value international friendship day. Everyday should be friendship day. These books might help readers understand its true meaning. I thank my friends for being there every step of the way. Thank you for the great list!

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