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Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins

I often borrowed Rosie’s Walk from the library as a child and bought my own copy when I was doing my teacher training. I have read it to my daughter since she was small and now she is excited that she can ‘read’ it by herself, there are less than thirty five words in the story so it is a great book for a beginner reader.

The Story: Rosie, the hen, goes for a walk around the farmyard. Unbeknown to her she is being followed by a fox who gets into various kinds of trouble before being chased away by a swarm of bees.

Rosie’s walk is a simple story that appeals to young children but is also great for older children who are starting to read. The story relies heavily on the pictures to show the action and some pages have no text at all. Rosie is completely unaware of the fox’s presence but it is his actions that provide the humour (the fox falls in the pond, trips over a rake, gets covered in flour and straw). It is only now that she is older that my daughter realises that the fox’s intentions are less than honourable. As a small child she was just amused by the trouble he got himself into, she found the bag of flour falling onto his head particularly funny.

The simple pictures have a distinctive style and use predominantly browns, greens and yellows with a splash of red and orange. They are good for introducing farmyard vocabulary and on a first reading it is fun to ask the child if they can predict what will happen to the fox next.

I would definitely recommend this book for children who are learning to read, there are so many clues in the pictures to help them decode the very simple text. I have also used Rosie’s Walk in the classroom as a stimulus for creative writing and art. The children drew a picture of something they thought could happen to the fox (e.g. falling into a puddle) and then wrote a short sentence about what was happening. I have made class books and wall friezes to show their version of the story. I have also used it as part of a Farm topic.

Age Range: 2 +

Author / Illustrator: Pat Hutchins

I have also used Don’t Forget the Bacon in the classroom. It’s a great stimulus for the memory game ‘I went shopping and I bought………….’

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4 responses to “Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins”

  1. Kriss MacDonald avatar

    Using the book for creative writing and art looks like a great idea. My kids use to giggle big time everytime we read them The Hungry Hen by Richard Waring in which the fox plotting to eat the hen gets a big surprise at the end.

    1. Catherine avatar

      I don’t know The Hungry Hen but I have just looked it up and now I want to know what happened at the end of the story!

  2. Lisa avatar

    A great book! I love your idea of drawing or writing about the book too. The illustrations are very inspirational for this kind of thing.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Children love suggesting different kinds of trouble for the fox to get into 🙂