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Don’t Panic Annika by Juliet Clare Bell & Jennifer Morris

‘Don’t Panic Annika’ is a catchphrase in our house. Counting to ten and keeping calm Annika style has saved us on several occasions!

The Story: Annika is a panicker but her family teach her how to keep calm and count to ten before she panics. One day Annika forgets to take her toy moose with her when they go out so she runs back inside to get him. The door slams shut and she is locked inside the house alone. Annika can’t reach the spare keys but she doesn’t panic and calmly finds a solution to the problem. Everybody outside is panicking and it is Annika who reassures them before posting the keys through the letterbox. Now Annika doesn’t panic any more.

This is a great story for any child who panics or gets impatient when things don’t go quite as they should. Through Annika’s story Juliet Clare Bell has shown children how they can deal with a situation that may be difficult for them to cope with. My daughter doesn’t panic but I have referred her back to Annika on the occasions that she needs to stop and think. Jennifer Morris’ illustrations are beautiful and she uses a variety of layouts to demonstrate events unfolding. A large part of the story is told through dialogue and I think that is why my daughter can recite this book off by heart. It is great how the whole family (her Mum, Dad and brother) are involved in helping Annika deal with difficult situations (and also quite amusing when Mum and her brother panic and Annika stays calm!).

This is a well read story in our house but I would especially recommend it if you have a child who gets easily upset when things get a little bit stressful.

Quote from Jessica (aged 4): “I like it when Moose is brushing his teeth.” (in reference to one of the humorous details in the story).

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Juliet Clare Bell / Illustrator: Jennifer Morris

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2 responses to “Don’t Panic Annika by Juliet Clare Bell & Jennifer Morris”

  1. Helen avatar

    This looks great – I DO have a panicker in my house, and I think a book like this could really help us talk about how to stay calm when things don’t go your way!

    1. Catherine avatar

      Don’t Panic Annika is definitely the book for you in that case 🙂