The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing & Kathy Couri

‘The Night Before Easter’ is a rhyming storybook which follows a similar format to ‘The Night Before Christmas’. We always read ‘The Night Before Easter’ at bedtime on Easter Saturday.

The Story: Baskets have been left on the table in preparation for the Easter Bunny’s visit and a little boy and his sister lie in bed dreaming of sweet treats. The little boy wakes up and watches as the Easter Bunny fills the baskets with sweets and lollipops then carefully hides eggs around the house. As the rooster crows the Easter Bunny leaves a note on the table and leaves with his empty wheelbarrow.

The Night Before Easter - Story SnugWe traditionally read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve so it was great to find a similar book to read at Easter. The rhyme is really easy to read and there are subtle similarities to ‘The Night before Christmas’. Kathy Couri’s beautiful illustrations include soft pastel colours and each picture fills a whole double page spread. Aided by a chicken (wearing very cute shoes!) the Easter Bunny goes about his task with infectious enthusiasm and there are so many wonderful details to look at in the pictures. The cat joins in the fun as does a little mouse who creeps out of his mousehole with his tiny basket to collect some goodies. My daughter and I enjoy choosing the sweets that we would like to eat!

A sweet story which we like to read all year round 🙂

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Natasha Wing / Illustrator: Kathy Couri

18 thoughts on “The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing & Kathy Couri

  1. I love that there is a book like this for Easter. We, too, read the Night before Christmas…. I’m going to have to look for this one to add to our collection!

  2. This is a lovely book to start an Easter tradition with, we always read the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve. I love books like this, they make lovely gifts and can be passed on to continue the tradition. #MMBC

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