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Icky Sticky Monster by Jo Lodge

Icky Sticky Monster is a very funny pop up book with a rhyming text that is easy to read and has suitably revolting language for Icky’s actions! The paper engineering is amazing and my daughter loves helping Icky to eat rubbish and to pick his nose! Bright and bold colours attract young readers to the pictures and Icky is cute and not at all scary. Children love him because he does such disgusting things!

The Story: Icky Sticky Monster is really revolting! He hides in the toilet, he picks his nose, he eats the rubbish, he drinks one of the most revolting concoctions imaginable and then he wants to give you a kiss!

This is a really ‘yucky’ book which will appeal to any child  who has a lavatorial sense of humour (but maybe won’t appeal so much to a parent!). I love reading this book to children who have never seen it before, it is great to see their reactions to Icky’s revolting behaviour and the kiss that Icky wants to give on the final page! When I have read the book in a group situation the children all want to have a turn at making him move.

You could have great fun in the classroom coming up with ingredients for Icky’s favourite drink, I’m not sure whether you could make it taste any worse than it already does!

Age Range: 3 to 5

Author / Illustrator: Jo Lodge

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11 responses to “Icky Sticky Monster by Jo Lodge”

  1. Jaymie Shook avatar

    My son loves to say yuck. He will love this 🙂 Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  2. Renee C. avatar

    No doubt – my 6 year-old son would think this is the coolest book EVER!! lol I just had to add it to my want-to-read shelf on Goodreads – I just HAD to! 😉 Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Redpeffer avatar

    What a great looking book-I think my little boy would enjoy this very much!

    1. Catherine avatar

      The paper engineering is amazing, my daughter spends ages making Icky move!

  4. Julie Grasso avatar

    Hi Catherine,
    I think I have just the nephews who would appreciate this lavatorial humour, lol love it, thanks for linking in to the Kid Lit Blog hop.

    Cheers Julie

    1. Catherine Friess avatar

      If your nephews like ‘disgusting’ and ‘revolting’ this is certainly the book for them :)!

  5. Jennifer avatar

    Visiting from KidLit. 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you for visiting Story Snug. I love your snowy pictures 🙂

  6. karen avatar

    Great book, I know my son will love it, have to see if we can borrow it from the library.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thank you for visiting Story Snug too 🙂