Doing the Animal Bop by Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner

Age Range: 1 to 6

I was sad to hear of Jan Ormerod’s death last week, her books have given pleasure to me and to many readers over the years. One of our favourite books, written by Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner, is Doing the Animal Bop.

The Story: A little mouse (who is not mentioned at all in the text) joins a succession of animals in a variety of dance moves.

I have read Doing the Animal Bop with my daughter, read it to young children at our local playgroup and successfully used it with non native English speaking children in school. The book introduces children to a range of animals (some more familiar than others) and the bold, colourful pictures are full of action and very funny (have you ever seen a lizard trying to dance?!). The rhyming text flows beautifully and is very easy to read. However, to get the full Animal Bop experience the accompanying CD is a must. It has a very catchy tune that you just can’t help dancing to and brings the whole book to life. This is a book to move to and although it can also be read at bedtime I find it difficult to read calmly (especially once you have experienced the CD!).

Doing the Animal Bop introduces some wonderful language, it would be a great story for children to rewrite using their own animals. A class ‘Animal Bop’ maybe!

Author: Jan Ormerod / Author/Illustrator: Lindsey Gardiner

I have also used Jan Ormerod’s wordless picture books ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Moonlight’ with pre readers in a reception classroom. They are great to develop a child’s speaking and storytelling skills before they are introduced to books with text.

Doing the Animal Bop: Book/CD

by Jan Ormerod [Oxford University Press]
£7.99 ·  EUR 6,26 ·  EUR 9,77 ·  EUR 10,40 ·  $12.66


by Jan Ormerod [Lincoln Children's Books]
£59.14 ·  EUR 66,14 ·  EUR 66,14 ·  EUR 66,14 ·  $46.00

Moonlight (Picture Puffin)

by Jan Ormerod [Puffin Books]
£70.75 ·  EUR 71,88 ·  EUR 70,75 ·  EUR 70,75 ·  $49.50


4 thoughts on “Doing the Animal Bop by Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner

  1. We love this too but I had no idea there was a CD – even better! We also have Jan and Lindsey’s version of If You’re Happy and You Know it home from school at the moment and enjoy the different ways the animals customise that song.

    • The CD is great, lots of fab calypso music. I’ve had great fun with it in the classroom 🙂 I don’t know the Heads, Shoulders book, will check it out.

  2. Hi, Catherine. We have this book as well and also love the song on the CD. I thought I had reviewed it on my blog once, but I just checked and I haven’t. Thanks for submitting this to the Read & Romp Roundup!

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