Happy International Book Giving Day!

February 14th is International Book Giving Day. I wanted to give books to children in the family and to special friends but somehow it didn’t seem enough. I also wanted to give to children who aren’t surrounded by books in the home or to schools or nurseries in deprived areas that don’t have so many books. Then I read Carmen Haselup’s account of setting up The Rainbow Library.

It was great to send Carmen some books for The Rainbow Library. I hope the children enjoy Dig, Dig, Digging and Zoom, Rocket, Zoom.

Awesome Engines: Dig Dig Digging Board Book

by Margaret Mayo [Orchard Books]
£6.99 ·  EUR 8,49 ·  EUR 7,32 ·  EUR 8,25 ·  $7.62

Zoom, Rocket, Zoom! (Awesome Engines)

by Margaret Mayo [Hachette Children's Group]
£6.99 ·  EUR 4,17 ·  EUR 4,73 ·  EUR 8,25 ·  $7.65

It also gave me a lot of pleasure to give the following books;

To my daughter’s best friend – a Katie story with some of my favourite painters including Monet and Degas.

Katie and the Impressionists

by James Mayhew [Orchard Books]
£8.99 ·  EUR 24,90 ·  EUR 51,66 ·  EUR 3,08 ·  $41.01

To my six year old niece – a classic, favourite story from my childhood. A pictorial retelling of the story for younger children by Usborne books.

The Secret Garden (Picture Books)

by Alan Marks (illustrator), Frances Hodgson Burnett Susanna Davidson [Usborne Publishing Ltd]
£4.99 ·  EUR 8,17 ·  EUR 6,07 ·  EUR 6,79 ·  $8.46

To my three year old niece – another classic favourite told pictorially, also published by Usborne books.

Alice in Wonderland. Illustrated by Mauro Evangelista (Picture Books)

by Lesley Sims [Usborne Books]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,99 ·  EUR 6,08 ·  EUR 9,00 ·  $6.60

To my daughter – a rhyming romp through the ocean, I have given this lovely book to several children as a present.

Commotion In The Ocean (Orchard Picturebooks)

by Giles Andreae [Orchard Books]
£3.99 ·  EUR 7,99 ·  EUR 8,46 ·  EUR 8,25 ·  $2.45

and The Fairytale Hairdresser – Cinderella. I have already read it several times today and it was tonight’s bedtime story.

The Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella

by Abie Longstaff [Transworld Publishers]
£5.99 ·  EUR 6,80 ·  EUR 8,99 ·  EUR 7,77 ·  $6.09

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    • I don’t think my day was as busy as yours! It’s still nice to feel that I’ve made a difference to children who don’t have the same variety of books at home as my daughter does.

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