Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds

The Story: Ben and Bella are joined in their big red bath by a succession of animals. When Hippo tries to get in the bath it leaves the bathroom and ends up flying around the world. Flamingoes come to the rescue so that Ben and Bella can get home and tell Mum and Dad about their adventures.

Big Red Bath - Story SnugBig Red Bath was a great book to read when my daughter went through her not wanting to have a bath phase! We wanted to show her that having a bath could be fun and this story certainly does that. The rhythmic, repetitive text (with lots of splish, splosh, splashing) is great for children to join in with but also makes the book good to use with beginner readers. Adrian Reynolds (also the illustrator of the Harry books) has drawn some amazing expressions on the animals’ faces and the illustrations are very bright, bold and colourful.

Big Red Bath is a great book to read to a group of children of varying ages and I have also read it successfully with non English speaking children. We know the book off by heart now but when I read it to a new audience I love to play ‘Guess which animal will be the next to come through the bathroom door!’.

A great bedtime story that has stood up to repeated reading in our house!

Age Range: 2 +

Author: Julia Jarman / Illustrator: Adrian Reynolds

7 thoughts on “Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds

  1. Thankyou so much for the lovely comments. I’m really glad the book helped. The Big Red Bath is being made into a stage show which will be touring the UK in the Autumn. Please have a look at my website to find a theatre near you! Best regards, and thanks again, Julia

    • You’re welcome, thank you for visiting Story Snug and the help with bathtime! I’m just wondering how wet the stage will get in the Big Red Bath stage show!

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