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The Monster Machine by Nicola L Robinson

The Story: Dad is an inventor and he has just finished making a monster machine. He puts some very disgusting ingredients (slugs, bogies, earwax) into the machine and a variety of monsters are created. The monsters are quite happy until they realise that they want to go home and then they build their own monster machine to get them there.

This isn’t a frightening book, even the scary monsters are cute! My daughter loves the story and spends ages counting eyes, legs, teeth and choosing her favourite monster of the day. Nicola L Robinson has created a wide variety of monsters with every conceivable attribute imaginable so there is lots to look at in the pictures. The text is short and simple, the pictures tell most of the story, and enough ‘yuck’ is added to make it believable but not too disgusting!

A great book for little monsters everywhere!

You can also print out and make your own Monster Machine card at

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Nicola L Robinson

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