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The Best Jumper by Lynne Garner & Sarah Gill

The Story: Grandma knits Spindle a jumper for his birthday. Spindle loves his new jumper and wears it everywhere but as he grows it gets tighter and tighter so Grandma knits him a new one. However, the old one is his favourite so he still takes it with him everywhere he goes. Finally Grandma uses the wool from Spindle’s old jumper to make him something (I won’t spoil the surprise!) that he can take everywhere.

We love this book, there are so many situations portrayed that are familiar and important to a young child. The story will strike a chord with every child who has a favourite item of clothing that they have grown out of and Grandma has a great solution to Spindle’s problem. This is a gentle bedtime story with a simple text and beautiful, soft colour illustrations. The love between Spindle and Grandma is shown through their actions and little details in the pictures rather than in the text (there is a lovely picture of him giving her a hug). My daughter enjoys looking for Spindle’s brother and sister in the pictures and likes to discuss the fact that Spindle is growing (an important topic when you are four!) in great detail.

This is a great story for bedtime.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Lynne Garner / Illustrator: Sarah Gill

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