Little Miss Christmas by Roger Hargreaves

The Story: All year Little Miss Christmas has worked hard wrapping Christmas presents so she decides to take a holiday. Her brother, Mr Christmas, flies up to the North Pole to help Father Christmas wrap the last presents before Christmas Eve but they get distracted by other activities. When Little Miss Christmas gets back and finds that the presents aren’t ready she sends Mr Christmas to collect all the Mr Men so that they can help her to finish in time.

Little Miss Christmas - Story SnugI loved the Mr Men books as a child and it is lovely to read them again. I bought my daughter her first one for her third birthday (Little Miss Birthday!) and she often reads them to her dolls. The Christmas and birthday books all have lovely sparkly covers and the illustrations are simple, bright and bold. The format of the books hasn’t changed, the text is on the left of the double page spread with the illustration on the right. I love the gentle humour to the stories that is appreciated by adults but is sometimes lost on children, my daughter often asks questions while we are reading. The Mr Men books are all small, light (good for a car journey) and very reasonably priced for a stocking present.

Mr Christmas and Little Miss Christmas are also part of a Christmas box set which includes five books, a Christmas card, stickers and decorations!

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Roger Hargreaves

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