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First 100 Words board book by Roger Priddy

First 100 Words is a colourful, chunky, soft covered board book that is perfect for the littlest of hands. Each word has a full colour photograph on a patchwork coloured background and each double page spread is organised into a different category, for example food, colours, transport, pets.

First 100 Words would make a perfect present for a baby or young child. The hardback cover is soft and almost cushioned, it is not too big and the pages are sturdy and easy to grip. There are no more than ten pictures of familiar words on each spread so the pages don’t look busy and the colours are bright and bold. My four year old still picks up this book occasionally, it is a great book for reinforcing vocabulary and then we discuss other words that could be included in that category. It would also be a good resource book to use to introduce vocabulary to non native English speaking children.

There are several books in this series covering a variety of familiar topics.

Age Range: 0 +

Author / Illustrator: Roger Priddy

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