Supermarket Zoo by Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves

Supermarket Zoo was one of the first picture books I ever bought. I never tire of reading this fun story to a new group of children who love to guess what Mum’s final purchase is and are almost always surprised when it is revealed!

The Story: Albie usually hates shopping but one day Mum takes him to a supermarket full of animals. There are normal supermarket offers but they also have to contend with bird poo and mischievous monkeys. As they get to the checkout with their trolley full of animals Mum rushes off to find the last item on her shopping list. Albie gets a huge surprise when she comes back but luckily they manage to fit everything into the car.

Supermarket Zoo - Story SnugWe never tire of reading this story of an everyday experience with an amusing twist. Albie is the storyteller so the language is simple and easy to read and Ed Eaves’ illustrations are bright, humorous and colourful. I have read Supermarket Zoo to groups of children who understand no English and they have sat mesmerised by the wonderfully drawn pictures. The story provides a great starting point for discussion about animals and their diets and we often use it for counting practice. I would also recommend this story as a good way to introduce animal vocabulary to non native English speakers.

Caryl Hart has written several books about Albie, How to grow a Dinosaur, Welcome to Alien School and Plunge into the Pirate Pool.

Age range: 2 +

Author – Caryl Hart / Illustrator – Ed Eaves

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