Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter by Axel Scheffler

The Story: Pip has a super scooter and he can do tricks with it. When Posy takes Pip’s scooter without asking she gets hurt. Pip is upset but he forgives her, helps to sort out her cut knees and they are soon friends again.

Pip and Posy: The Super ScooterThis is a great first storybook for toddlers written and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, well known as the illustrator of The Gruffalo. It has very little text and fabulous, colourful pictures. The familiar subjects of sharing toys, asking before you borrow something and friendship are dealt with in a very gentle way and children will easily empathise with both characters.

There are other books in the Pip and Posy series. Pip and Posy and The Little Puddle was much more effective as a potty training book than any of the others that I bought! My review of Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle is on Nosy Crow’s blog.

Author / Illustrator – Axel Scheffler

Super Scooter

by Axel Scheffler [Nosy Crow]
£8.99 ·  EUR 11,00 ·  EUR 9,34 ·  EUR 10,30 ·  $13.54

Pip & Posy. Der tolle Roller

by - [Carlsen Verlag GmbH]
£12.75 ·  EUR 12,00 ·  EUR 16,00 ·  EUR 64,99 ·  $36.51

Pip et Prune : La super-trottinette

by Axel Scheffler [Gallimard-Jeunesse]
£17.49 ·  EUR 16,00 ·  EUR 9,90 ·  EUR 9,90 ·  $40.00

Little Puddle

by Axel Scheffler [Nosy Crow]
£8.99 ·  EUR 10,09 ·  EUR 9,44 ·  EUR 10,30 ·  $14.86

Pip & Posy. Die kleine Pfütze

by - [Carlsen Verlag GmbH]
£11.11 ·  EUR 4,19 ·  EUR 12,45 ·  - ·  $14.36

Pip Et Prune: La Petite Flaque

by Axel Scheffler [Gallimard Jeunesse]
£22.92 ·  EUR 25,00 ·  EUR 9,90 ·  EUR 9,90 ·  $16.68

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