Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found is one of our favourite picture books. It’s a beautiful story about the friendship between a boy and a penguin.

Lost and Found - Story SnugThe Story: A sad looking penguin knocks on a boy’s door. The boy thinks that the penguin is lost so he takes him on a long journey back to the South Pole. On his way home the boy realises that the penguin was just lonely. So the boy goes back to find the penguin who has left the South Pole to go and find the boy.

There is a happy ending to this lovely story about friendship and the short text is supported by Oliver Jeffer’s beautifully drawn pictures. The book provides lots of scope for discussion about friendship and / or loneliness and the simple text is good for beginner readers.

Age Range: 2 +

Author / Illustrator – Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found

by Oliver Jeffers [HarperCollins Publishers]
- ·  - ·  - ·  - ·  $13.00

Pinguin gefunden

by Brand: Aufbau Verlag GmbH [Aufbau Verlag GmbH]
- ·  - ·  - ·  - ·  $38.95

Perdu ? Retrouvé !

by Oliver Jeffers [L'Ecole des Loisirs]
- ·  - ·  - ·  - ·  $5.36

6 thoughts on “Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

  1. I absolutely adore this book! A friend once read it to the kids but I could not remember what it was called and had forgotten all about it. Thank you for bringing it back to my attention. We will add it to our collection asap!

  2. This is one of my favourite books ever. I also have How to Catch a Star and The Great Paper Caper. Jeffers is a real master. He’s written stories that adults would be more than happy to read to their children, because they’re beautiful and funny every time. I mean, I own these books and I don’t even HAVE children.

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