The Tree That's Meant To Be - Story Snug


THE TREE THAT’S MEANT TO BE is a heartwarming festive story full of love and caring. It portrays a wonderful celebration of Christmas in the natural world but more importantly it shows the joy and happiness that friendship brings to a character that feels different to all the others.…

The Crayon Man - Story Snug

The Crayon Man author, Natascha Biebow, talks about ‘Why Reading Non-Fiction Books is the Bees’ Knees!’

The Crayon Man, by Natascha Biebow & Steven Salerno, is a colourful non fiction picture book which tells the story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of Crayola Crayons. It’s an absolutely fascinating read, crayons are such an integral part of our daily life but we had never considered how they were invented before!

Sea Lights - Story Snug

Sea Lights by Ruth Symons & Carolina Rabei

Sea Lights is a novelty bedtime story that uses paper engineering to ‘light up’ different elements on each spread. The book is sturdy and includes wheels, flaps and sliders to illuminate the pages. It’s a gentle, calming story about the different lights that guide a little girl and her dad through an evening’s fishing.…

Turn and Learn: Weather - Story Snug

Turn and Learn: Weather by Isabel Otter and Hannah Tolson

Turn and Learn: Weather is a fabulous picture book which looks at five different kinds of weather. It’s a beautifully illustrated, novelty non fiction book which has a magic slider on each double spread. The different types of weather are explained through a ‘What is…?’ question before giving more details about the roles different kinds of weather play and how it can affect us.…