Sticker Dolly Dressing: Dolls by Fiona Watt, Vici Leyhane and Stella Baggott (Usborne)

Age Range: 4 to 7

The Sticker Dolly Dressing activity book was my daughter’s favourite Christmas present. She loves stickers and was busy with this book for several days. Three dolls, Ellie, Daisy and Kitty, live in a doll’s house with their cat and their puppy and each double page spread features a different activity that they like doing or a familiar scenario, for example horse riding, roller skating, going to the beach or going to bed.

The illustrations are beautiful, bright and bold and the stickers are easy to use (they peel off again quite easily if you haven’t stuck them in the right place but you need to be quick!). Although not a story book there is a short piece of text to accompany each picture. This provides scope for stimulating discussion, learning new vocabulary (as in my daughter’s case) and making up your own stories. The books would also be great to use with non native English speakers to generate conversation.

Usborne have a wide range of sticker dressing books covering all sorts of topics including several historical versions – Romans, Kings and Queens, Knights and Soldiers. They also have Princesses, Pirates, Fairies, Sports – too many to name here! I often buy them for birthday presents.

This is a fun activity book, it would be great for a long journey or as a holiday activity. There are also Sticker Dolly Dressing, Sticker Dolly Princess and Sticker Dolly Pirate Apps for the iPad.

Author / Illustrators: Fiona Watt / Vici Leyhane / Stella Baggott

Sticker Dolly Dressing Dolls (Usborne Activities)

by Fiona Watt [Usborne Books]
£5.99 ·  EUR 8,49 ·  EUR 8,34 ·  EUR 6,56 ·  $4.39

Around the World (Sticker Dolly Dressing)

by Emily Bone [Usborne Books]
£5.99 ·  EUR 7,50 ·  EUR 8,30 ·  EUR 7,20 ·  $4.90

Mein Anziehpuppen-Stickerbuch: Reise um die Welt

by Emily Bone [Usborne Verlag]
£4.01 ·  EUR 5,95 ·  EUR 5,87 ·  EUR 5,78 ·  $5.30

Princesses and Fairies (Sticker Dolly Dressing)

by Fiona Watt [Usborne Publishing Ltd]
£9.98 ·  EUR 11,95 ·  EUR 13,86 ·  EUR 10,41 ·  $9.55

Sticker Dressing Pirates and Long Ago

by - [Usborne Publishing Ltd]
£8.99 ·  EUR 12,57 ·  EUR 12,39 ·  EUR 12,22 ·  $8.00

Mein Anzieh-Stickerbuch: Piraten

by Louie Stowell Kate Davies [Usborne Verlag]
£9.00 ·  EUR 5,95 ·  EUR 11,60 ·  EUR 7,50 ·  $13.40

Sticker Dressing Sports

by Kate Davies [Usborne]
£12.95 ·  EUR 8,82 ·  EUR 8,60 ·  EUR 39,19 ·  $24.06

Sticker Dressing Romans

by Louise Stowell [Usborne]
£6.81 ·  EUR 8,65 ·  EUR 8,53 ·  EUR 8,40 ·  $12.89

Mein Anzieh-Stickerbuch: Mutige Berufe

by Megan Cullis [Usborne Verlag]
£4.00 ·  EUR 5,95 ·  EUR 5,87 ·  EUR 5,78 ·  $5.37

9 thoughts on “Sticker Dolly Dressing: Dolls by Fiona Watt, Vici Leyhane and Stella Baggott (Usborne)

  1. My daughter tried the app and really liked it. However, I would imagine that the book will never be looked at again once all the stickers were stuck in its place. Kind of a pitty at €7,99. Perhaps a good activity for a very long plane or car ride but does not quite have me convinced yet.

    • Hi Ulrike, glad your daughter liked the app. I usually find that sticker books are redundant after all the stickers have been used but this one is different. My daughter still asks me to read it to her and often reads it to her dolls or sits and looks at the pictures on her own, she contributed to the making of the book so it is her story. The more factual books in the series, Kings and Queens, Sport or Romans, are also information books that can be read repeatedly after the stickers have been used. I was very excited when I found out about the books that make history learning fun, I’m sure that I can learn something from them too!

  2. Now you have succeeded in making me curious! Sounds like more than just a sticker book after all. I will make sure to remember this one for our next vacation!

  3. My daughter is a big fan of the Usborne dressing up sticker books. We got a few for Christmas – the Around the world one which encourages questions about different countries and cultures and dancing one which helps her learn about different types of dances. Melissa & Doug also do good dressing up sticker books

    • I like the look of the Around the World book, great for expat kids who may be moving around or the ones left behind when their friends moved away. That’s the next one on my wish list :)

  4. Yes, the Around the World book looks great for kids.. Children can sometime forget of the whole world outside their immediate vicinity. Will order it from the library & hopefully can take a look soon.

    • They’re really good stickers aren’t they. I think that my daughter has done most of the Sticker Dolly Dressing books now – in German as well as English! Maybe we should star on the houses…

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