The Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise by Paula Harrison

Age Range: 6 to 9

This is not a picture book but I think it is a great first chapter book for little ladies who love princesses. I was looking for a present for a six year old and when I read this (the first) Rescue Princess book I couldn’t put it down. The four princesses in the story all have very different and believable characters and Paula Harrison has included all of the essential royal elements – tiaras, beautiful dresses, cloaks and carriages. However, as well as knowing how to use the correct etiquette when attending official functions the princesses are brave, independent and socially minded. They also have incredible new technology hidden in their jewels and are prepared to use their newly learnt ninja skills if necessary. My daughter enjoyed listening to the first chapter and is already fascinated by the illustrations. I can’t wait to read her the rest.

The Story: Princess Emily and her parents are visiting King Gudland’s castle where young princes and princesses will be presented at the Grand Ball. Despite having to attend dress fittings, dinners and dances Emily and her three new princess friends also find time to rescue an injured deer and solve the mystery of who put the animal traps down in Mistberg Forest.

There are now ten Rescue Princess books published.

Author – Paula Harrison

Secret Promise

by Paula Harrison [Nosy Crow]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,84 ·  EUR 6,67 ·  EUR 6,60 ·  $3.36

The Rescue Princesses: The Wishing Pearl

by Paula Harrison [Nosy Crow Ltd]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,95 ·  EUR 6,85 ·  EUR 6,76 ·  $2.84

Rescue Princesses: The Moonlit Mystery

by Paula Harrison [Nosy Crow Ltd]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,77 ·  EUR 6,66 ·  EUR 6,58 ·  $3.02

The Stolen Crystals. Paula Harrison (Rescue Princesses)

by Paula Harrison [Nosy Crow]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,84 ·  EUR 6,72 ·  EUR 6,64 ·  $2.89

The Rescue Princesses: The Snow Jewel

by Paula Harrison [Nosy Crow]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,84 ·  EUR 6,66 ·  EUR 6,62 ·  $4.45

The Rescue Princesses: The Magic Rings

by Paula Harrison [Nosy Crow]
£4.99 ·  EUR 6,95 ·  EUR 6,86 ·  EUR 6,76 ·  $6.88


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    • It is, the four princesses are all very different so I am sure that every reader will identify with at least one of them. Thanks for visiting Story Snug Chauntelle.

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