The Great Moon Confusion - Story Snug

The Great Moon Confusion by Richard Byrne

Age Range: 4 to 7

After a visit to the Planetarium and an eclipse we had lots of questions about the moon. The Great Moon Confusion is a wonderful story which explains why the moon changes size.

The Story: Aldrin thinks he knows everything but he doesn’t know the answer to Rabbit’s question about why ‘the moon isn’t so round tonight’.…

Picture Books about Bedtime #bedtime

Picture Books about Bedtime

Bedtime can be one of the most fraught, difficult times of the day. Children are tired, parents are tired and there is often resistance to the whole bedtime routine. There are so many lovely bedtime stories that introduce characters going through various stages of getting ready for bed, our favourites include procrastinating bunnies, baths full of animals, ugly pyjamas and a bear who can’t get to sleep.…